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Sand Basalt-Fiber Concrete

In modern construction sand concrete is increasingly used because of the widespread availability of raw materials. However, due to high specific surface area of the filler its strength characteristics are lower than those of conventional heavy concrete. To improve the physical and mechanical characteristics the authors of the article suggest using sand fractionation and basalt fiber.

The composition of sand concrete must necessarily include superplasticizing supplements to reduce the water-cement ratio. The most effective are superplasticizers based on рolycarboxylate. As fiber it is necessary to use fiber from cut roving as its corrosion in alkaline medium is less than that of the staple fiber.

The use of basalt fiber in the sand concrete increases the tensile strength at bending and splitting. This is due not only to reinforcement of the cement matrix with fiber, but also to high cohesion of cement stone and basalt fiber, which is a positive change from other types of fibers.

Nikolai Michailovich Morozov, Igor Viktorovich Borovskich and Vadim Grigorievich Khozin.
Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, Kazan, Russia.

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