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Mafic announces the completion of testing the basalt fabric

Mafic SA from Ireland engaged in producing  advanced materials for composites industry, announced the completion of testing the basalt fabric of own manufacture. Results show an impressive strength and stiffness of basalt fibers in composites.

A specific strength of basalt fiber composites is typically 50% higher and a specific stiffness is 25% higher than similar glass composite. Additionally the interlaminar shear strength, a measure of the fiber matrix adhesion, is shown to be excellent, half way between similar glass and carbon composites in the same resin system.

According to PR Newswire, the results show Mafic Basalt as the perfect material to bridge the price/performance gap between glass and carbon composites.

“We believe these results further demonstrate the value of basalt fiber,” says Jeff Thompson, Head of Marketing at Mafic. “Our customers have seen fantastic results using our products; we are seeing expanding adoption of basalt where customers are looking to reduce mass, or improve stiffness and strength of their composite products without the costs of using carbon fiber.”

Mafic has manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe producing continuous and chopped high quality basalt fiber. Previously we informed that basalt roving from Mafic is used for strengthening riverbed “catfish houses”.

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