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Soulspin introduced table tennis blades made of basalt fiber

High-tech Roots Basalt 6 is a result of research in new materials and better technologies conducted by the company’s R&D department that is headed by Michael Schneider. Basalt layer provides a range of unique features, but the special feature of basalt blade is its greater flexibility in comparison to a carbon analogue.

Due to basalt fiber inlay, the blade becomes much less stiff in comparison to a carbon blade, although it is similarly fast. According to the developers, the ball feeling is very soft, similar to non-composite blades. Vibration can be reduced and feedback of Roots Basalt 6 is very clear. Basalt blades have a high spin potential, characterized by a high ball bounce and a nice curve. The producer claims that they are particularly perfect for offensive players who do not want to give up on the soft ball feeling despite the high speed.


In addition to the great quality for playing, Roots Basalt 6 blades are eco-friendly since basalt fiber is a completely natural product suitable for utilization.

The cost of the new product is about $200. However, having tried a new blade model, table tennis enthusiasts claim it to be ideal for playing, offering a good value for money.

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