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Bashkiria (Russia) invests in the CBF and composites manufacture

According to the Regional Development Programme, the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan is investing  in a number of projects including the construction of  continuous basalt fiber and composite materials production facilities.

The plant is to be located in the city of Sibai, Trans-Urals industrial center, on the territory of the incomplete thermal power station facilities. The first phase will yield a production capacity of 2 thousand tons per year. Then, the capacity will be expanded to 10 thousand tons per year.

The project to establish a new manufacture is a part of “Medium-term comprehensive program of Trans-Ural economic development”, which aims to generate economic growth, and to create conditions for increased investment and business activities.

The total amount of investments in the CBF and composite materials production facilities is scheduled to comprise 500 mln rubles funded through direct investments. The estimated construction period will last for a year, and the payback period should be reached in 3.5 years.

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