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Mechanical Behavior of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Composites

With the growing adoption of composite materials, new matrix and reinforcement materials have been  entering  the market at an ever  growing rate. These new materials have to be thoroughly tested  in  order  to  determine  its  mechanical  properties  and  possible  applications.

Basalt  fibers offer some advantages versus current materials, it is fireproof, requires no material addition, has better mechanical  properties than most types of E-Glass, and it is cheaper than Carbon Fiber.

The  goal  of  this  thesis  is  to understand  the  viability  of  basalt  fibers  as  part  of  a composite,  by determining  its  mechanical  properties.  The  composites  were  tested  with  a Polyester  resin matrix,  produced  by Resin Transfer  Molding.  The  composites  were  subjected  to  tensile, compression,  shear  and  flexural  tests.

The  results  were  generally good  and  in  line  with  the mixing  rules  predicted  results,  although  with  a  somewhat  high  coefficient  of  variance. C-Scan Analysis  was  performed  on  the  composites,  to  determine its  origin.  The  analysis  showed  that the problem  was  the production  method,  since the  composite  layers  were  not  evenly  spaced, and possessed different spacing from specimen to specimen.

R. Preto, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

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