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BASF launches a new binder for composites

A new product called Acrodur Power 2750 X is designed for the production of composites reinforced with basalt and other natural fibers for automotive lightweight applications such as interior car door panels or shelves.

Acrodur Power 2750 X allows the manufacturers to increase the proportion of natural fibers in composite components up to 75 percent, which makes natural fiber components up to 40 percent lighter than conventional plastic products. Lightweight car body results in consuming less fuel and having fewer carbon emissions.

Another advantage of Acrodur Power 2750 X is its safety for the environment. Unlike formaldehyde-based reactive resins, this binder doesn’t release any organic substances during processing or as part of the final product. But the composites based on Acrodur Power 2750 X boast a long shelf-life, great mechanical component stability combined with high organoleptic characteristics.

“With its novel Acrodur Power 2750 X product BASF offers the automotive and component-supplying industry an innovative, environmentally-friendly solution that preserves resources and helps reduce the weight and costs of natural fiber composites,“ underlines BASF Vice President Jürgen Pfister.

Acrodur products are used for the production of high quality lightweight applications in the furniture and automotive industry.


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