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Center for Textile Lightweight Construction
Center for Textile Lightweight Construction

German city of Chemnitz to establish the center for advanced technical textile

The building of the Center for Textile Lightweight Construction has been started on the basis of the Saxon Textile Research Institute. Among other, the Centre will be engaged in research and development of nonwovens, as well as manufacturing of semi-finished materials made of various types of fibers, including basalt fiber.

According to the founders, the Centre should lay a foundation for the development of new technologies in the technical textiles construction. The Centre’s activity will be based on three pillars, which are being developed in the Saxon Textile Research Institute, they are the Center of Excellence in Nonwovens; the Innovation Center for Technical Textiles; and the Testing and Certification Services.

In addition to this, the construction of all types of lightweight textiles is one of the main goals for the researchers, starting with carbon fiber or basalt fiber semi-finished products to functionally-integrated and process-optimised manufacturing processes based on textile technologies ranging up to the development of new hybrid textile material composites.

Environmental issues, recycling of processing wastes, recycling at the “end of life” of these new materials, saving costs, resources, and energy will be paid attention to. New materials and procedures also require the development of suitable testing procedures and complex evaluation criteria.

Research in the field of fibers and textile is a priority in the world. The Obama administration invested $325 mln in the establishment of the Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Institute, choosing this area on the competitive basis.

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