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Tankwell presented a unique tank container manufactured from continuous basalt fiber

A new composite tank container manufactured from continuous basalt fiber in one filament winding step allows reducing freight cost per trip by 5 to 10 % and is safe to use for a 15 to 20 years working life with minimal maintenance and repair.

Tankwell located in Netherlands introduced their technology in 2015. What’s unique in the technology is that entire composite tank is made in one filament winding step. The traditional method involves combining separate end-caps onto a circular filament wound core.

This approach means the wall thickness of the composite tank becomes lower than for comparable composite tank structures from other manufacturers. Although, the manholes, valves, and auxiliary components are still standard parts in metal and are nicely integrated into the composite structure. Casper Willems, Managing Director of Tankwell explains that innovative approach to winding technology enabled them to achieve excellent rigidity and mechanical integrity of the finished product.

For this application, Tankwell is using the Atlac 5200 FC resin from Aliancys, which is produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a common standard used for making food contact products.

So, the tank container developed in the Netherlands is suitable for a wide variety of liquid cargos. Speaking about the weight, one can say that the composite swap body tank container with a capacity of 31,000 liters only weighs as little as 2,200 kg, which is 40% less than the traditional stainless steel tank containers.

It means that transport companies can deliver more cargo per journey, resulting in fewer transport movements, less congestion, less CO2 emission, less physical handlings, and less risk.

Potential customers have shown similar interest to Tankwell tank containers as to basalt gas tanks from ICT. The visitors of the Fifth International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520 paid attention to a railroad tank car designed for transporting molten sulfur.



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