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Carver launched the production of non-woven multi-material composites

Carver launched the production of non-woven multi-material composites

A new manufacturing facility is ready to produce high-quality, single- and multi-material nonwoven products.  Carver is expected to use a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers, including basalt fiber.

The company invested $17.13 million to renovate and equip the former Amcast Automotive plant, which has been vacant for nearly 10 years. This facility with the area of 4400 square meters (143,580 sq. feet) currently houses state-of-the-art equipment allowing Carver to create high-quality fiber products demanded in the market.

Carver says it is unique in how it approaches many aspects of the design and production of nonwovens. First, the company’s complete production line is fully automated, that is unusual for such kind of production.  As a result, Carver is able to produce nonwovens with low-variance weight (density) as well superior dimensional stability and mechanical properties. Furthermore, the Carver team works with a broad range of fiber types, including E-glass fiber, bast (natural) fiber, carbon fiber, and basalt fiber.

The production policy allows the Carver team to be able to respond to customer needs by offering products with areal weights ranging from 300 to 2,400 grams/square-meter (gsm). According to Carver officials, they can manufacture materials with up to 70%-80% of natural fibers in the composite.

The ability to work with various types of fibers provides another unique offer – composite mats, comprising up to six different fiber types. Like single-material products, these hybrid fiber combinations may be the same or different areal weight depending on customer requirements.

Such kind of products is increasingly used by automotive for producing parts of car bodies.


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