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Russia-based manufacturer produces basalt roving with density of 2000 tex

Russia-based manufacturer produces basalt roving with density of 2000 tex

Kamenny Vek, a high profile manufacturer of continuous basalt fiber under Basfiber® trademark has announced the launch of a new product, the only one of its kind in the world: basalt direct roving with linear density of 2000 tex.

The sample of this direct roving bobbin was showcased at the exhibition held during the 2ndInternational Basalt Forum.

The new product manufacturing process requires large-sized bushings. Boris Mislavskiy, Strategy and Development Director for Kamenny Vek, emphasized at the Forum that the bushings contain 2500 nozzles used to produce roving with a diameter of 21 microns.

This technology is unique because these days the overwhelming majority of CBF manufacturing facilities use small single- or two-module furnaces where it is impossible to install oversized bushings with a lot of nozzles.

In the near future Kamenny Vek intends to start the manufacture of a single-stage roving with a linear density of 2400 tex.

Direct roving is continuous basalt fiber produced by a single stage process from a homogenized molten basalt rock by extruding through the nozzles. The main advantages of direct roving include adaptability to streamlined manufacture, excellent appearance and zero catenary. Catenary is usually caused by unequal fibers distribution during the manufacture of assembled roving and leads to an uneven load distribution on individual filaments, and, as a consequence, to a decrease in the physics and mechanical characteristics of the final products.

Direct roving is successfully used as a raw material to produce structural basalt textile, geogrids and plaster meshes, and as a reinforcing material for pultrusion profiles, composite rebar and special-purpose products, however, this roving is not suitable for a lot of applications due to the low linear density, which does not often exceed 1200 tex.

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