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Basalt Projects GC to launch basalt composite production in the UK

Basalt Projects GC to launch basalt composite production in the UK

Basalt projects GC and Basalt Tech UK have signed a cooperation agreement for the organization of basalt composite products production in the UK.

Under terms of the agreement the enterprise is scheduled to be commissioned in several stages, the first of which will take place in October 2018 and involves supplying pultrusion lines Kompozitor TM developed and produced by Basalt projects JSC.

Kompozitor lines are designed as a module structure on a single frame allowing the processes of assembly, commissioning and equipment adjustment to another product types to be optimized.

The agreement also stipulates the supply of feedstocks, setting up basalt composite production process, providing warranty maintenance and subsequent maintenance of equipment by Basalt Projects JSC.

Basalt Tech UK will provide a site for the organization of production, as well as legal support for the new enterprise. The products will be produced from the Russian basalt roving supplied by Basalt Trade, a member of the Group of Companies.

According to the parties, this will be the first production of basalt composite products in the UK.

Spokespeople from Basalt Tech UK said the company had already received preliminary orders for basalt plastic products. The organizations engaged in road infrastructure development expressed the interest.

Basalt composite products offer high resistance to corrosion when exposed to alternating temperatures, high humidity and aggressive chemical environment. On the basis of total physical, mechanical and economic factors, basalt fiber is the optimal material to produce composites with various matrices and for different application fields.

Basalt composites application results in creating durable transport infrastructure facilities for minimal construction and lifelong maintenance costs.

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