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Construction materials manufacturing and distribution.

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Grainis ltd

We offer an advanced technology for low-energy basalt-fiber and zirconia-fiber composite materials production, based on our know-how for low-power (0.5Wh/L) Stoichiometric Oxy-Hydrogen Gas generation. Oxy-Hydrogen (OH, HHO) gas-plasma flame has the unique property to heat up various hard materials up to their melting and boiling point. For example, Zirconium Dioxide (Zirconia – ZrO2) boils up at 4,300 deg.C, Tantalum-Hafnium Carbide ...

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PJSC ‘Scientific-Research Institute of Glassplastics and Fiber’

PJSC "Scientific-Research Institute of Glassplastics and Fiber"

‘Research Institute Glassplastics and fiber’ is a leading science and production enterprise, which specializes in developing and utilization of technologies and process plants for diverse glass fibers (basalt, silica, quartz) and also materials and products on the base of fibers mentioned above (pressboard, mates, textile, plates, shells, various insulation reinforcing materials etc) production.

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Haubin General Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co, Ltd


Huabin General Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd. is developing company which is dedicated to providing the best international business services and products. At present, we specialize in the Full Set of Basalt Fiber Production Line which include the Basalt Fiber Making Furnace, the Spinning Machine, the Basalt Fiber Rebar Production etc. We welcome all possible participators to ...

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