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The Far East and Rostov Oblast of Russia are building facilities for the manufacture of basalt insulation


TechnoNICOL company, a resident of Rakitnoe area, which is part of a priority development territory Khabarovsk, plans to launch the manufacture of basalt insulation in the Far East in the third quarter of 2016. TekhnoNICOL company is completing the construction of basalt insulation plant in Rostov Oblast of Russia, the launch is scheduled for this spring.

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Kuban (Russia) has started building basalt insulation and basalt substrate production facilities


New production facilities for manufacturing basalt insulation and basalt substrate for agricultural needs with a capacity of 80 thousand tons per year will be built in Tikhoretsk district of Krasnodar region (Kuban). The investor of the project is the Plant of Heat-insulating Materials. The basalt insulation will be manufactured under the brand name Hotrock, as reported by the company.

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The study of thermophysical properties of materials at high temperatures and vibrations

basalt-fiber- thermal-properties-basalttoday

The insulation of such elements of power stations as combined-cycle gas turbines, furnaces and boilers, steam headers, heat generators, lids of hot water and steam boilers, waste-heat recovery units, sodium heat pipes are currently made of thermic insulation based on mineral and basalt fiber. The operating temperature of such materials is limited to 600 ° C.

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