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Basalt fiber bar: Reinforcement of concrete structures

This paper is review of state of art of knowledge of basalt fiber, the production methods and review of tests on basalt fiber as a strengthening material for concrete structures. There are several types of basalt fiber strengthening meth odds used to strengthen concrete. In this paper three types are mentioned: External strengthening, fiber matrixes, and rod type material.

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Study of the influence of basalt fiber on the processes of structure formation and properties of the composite cation-exchangable based on them

Scientific and technological progress is closely linked to the development of the chemical industry in the country. The creation of new polymer composites, inexpensive cost and with high exploitation properties that are not inferior to foreign analogues, and in some cases exceeding them, is one of the priority directions of economic development of the country.

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Basalt fiber market worth $200 million by 2020

The report “Basalt Fiber Market by Usage Type (Composites And Non-Composites), by Application (Building & Construction, Transportation, Wind Energy, Electronics, Marine, And Others), and by Region – Global Trends and Forecasts to 2020” defines and segments the basalt fiber market with an analysis and forecast of the volumes and values of types i.e. continuous and discrete individually.

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Investigation of Composite Bazaltfluoroplast

In given paper investigation results on development of wear resistant polymeric composite materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene and activated basalt fibers are presented. Effectiveness of activated basalt fiber using to create materials with improved wear resistance without strength reducing is shown. Aytalina Okhlopkova¹, Spiridon Vasiliev² ¹North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk, Russia ²Institute of problem of oil and gas SB RAS, Yakutsk, Russia

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Advanced composite materials

Description of composite structures Composite materials are becoming more important in the construction of aerospace structures. Aircraft parts made from composite materials, such as fairings, spoilers, and flight controls, were developed during the 1960s for their weight savings over aluminum parts.

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Sand Basalt-Fiber Concrete

In modern construction sand concrete is increasingly used because of the widespread availability of raw materials. However, due to high specific surface area of the filler its strength characteristics are lower than those of conventional heavy concrete. To improve the physical and mechanical characteristics the authors of the article suggest using sand fractionation and basalt fiber.

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