Anisoprint launched industrial 3D printer

    New way of industrial manufacturing: ProM IS 500 - industrial 3D printer for producing continuous fiber reinforced high temperature plastics.

    Volcanic Ideas from Amer Yachts and GS4C

    Amer Yachts is heading for a new challenge, betting on the innovative mineral fiber FILAVA® for the next generation of…

    In St. Petersburg, developing composite materials for shipbuilding

    Chemists from St. Petersburg proposed basalt composite materials for fasteners in shipbuilding

    Production of basalt CNG and LPG cylinders in the AlmA SEZ

    Experts come to the conclusion that there is an objective need to replace more than 80% of the obsolete and…

    Successful development of the first truly non-toxic Fire Retardant (FR) epoxy

    Smarter Building Systems (USA), whose primary products are basalt volcanic rock composite fiber fabrics and Innovative Formulations of Tucson AZ,…

    Tatarstan plans to launch the center of basalt technologies “Alabuga”

    The Supervisory Board of the special economic zone "Alabuga" chaired by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov…

    Composite basalt fiber for 3D printing

    The company Anisoprint, a manufacturer of 3D printers for printing composites with continuous fibers, has developed a Composite Basalt Fiber…
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