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GRP Pipe Production Equipment and Technology CFW Continuous Filament Winding

Technobell is a long-standing engineering company specialising in process and project design as well as equipment construction, especially in the fields of:

Necessary rock studies of the gabbro and andesite basalt groups for the suitability as the raw material base for the production of continuous basalt fiber (CBF). A unique technique including laboratory melting and pilot-industrial melting at the high-tech equipment.

– Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) production equipment,
– Polyester resin plants,
– Phthalic anhydride (PA) and catalysts for phthalic anhydride production,
– Maleic anhydride (MA) plants,
– Plasticizers (DOP) plants,
– Polyvinyl acetate (PvAc) dispersions plants,
– Engineering of production section of crude oil / lube oil refinery and petrochemical plants.

Technobell is also a producer of tailor-made ortophthalic, isophthalic and vinylester resins.

Technobell has the commercial and financial capability to supply turnkey projects. Our long-term experience enables Tehnobell specialists and consultants to assist investors in executing feasibility studies and achieving the best possible solutions that conform to the requirements of the market.


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Technologies: Filament Winding

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