Industry-based web-portal Basalt.Today has started to work

Basalt.Today is an independent industry-based web-portal, engaged in publishing popular science articles focusing on manufacturing technologies, solutions, and research in the field of the products produced from basalt raw materials and basalt-based composites. It is designed with the purpose to facilitate the development of domestic basalt industry, to establish business contacts, and to support innovative ideas.

The web-portal has been launched with the support of the Union of Basalt Industry “Soyuzbasalt” – that is an association unifying basalt industry traders, scientists, and engineers specializing in the basalt technologies; public authorities responsible for the implementation of industrial policy; investors and foreign partners, who jointly address industry challenges and maximize the growth of basalt composites domestic market.

The site founders are hoping to turn it into a platform for attracting basalt industry entrepreneurs and those who are just considering such prospects, promoting the knowledge about basalt products opportunities, exchanging ideas about the new fields of application, finding business partners.

Continuous basalt fiber and basalt fiber composites have only recently begun to come out of the narrow framework of highly specialized application. From niche product with a limited range of applications, they gradually occupy a worthy place in various spheres of human activity: from design and construction to sports and medicine.

Due to the excellent balance of physical and mechanical properties and cost, as well as environmental friendliness (the aspect which has recently been given much attention to), basalt fiber is successfully competing with fiberglass and steel.

Plans for the basalt fiber application have already gone beyond our planet: projects based on basalt fiber were highlighted during the competition to design a habitat from local materials on Mars.

Industry-based web-portal Basalt.Today is intended to become the next step in the development of domestic basalt industry, establishment of business contacts and support of innovative ideas, this is because Russia has everything for a remarkable development of the basalt fiber market: a virtually unlimited deposits of raw materials, the outcomes of scientific research, unique technological solutions, local energy resources.

Companies: Basalt Projects Group, Basalt Union, Basalt.Today, Mechanical Properties, NASA, Niche

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, Energy, Sports & Leisure

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