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Serial Infusion Process

Fibermax Composites technical laboratory has been investigating this new “Serial Infusion” strategy which shows very interesting advantages. Over years of research and implementation, when compared to traditional techniques, it has proven to be reliable, versatile, and more forgiving to errors or shortcomings, even when applied onto awkward and extreme shaped molds/objects.

The main activity of Global Basalt Engineering LLC is creation of effective productions on release of continuous basalt fiber (СBF) with technologies of the last generation and composites on the basis of СBF (Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites as BFRP).

Benefits of “Serial Infusion”:

  1. Simpler setup, without any need for calculations, software or guesswork
  2. Less overall length of feed lines (saving the resin trapped inside)
  3. No stepping on the laminate ensures that vacuum film is not stressed or pierced
  4. Better quality of the finished product
  5. Limited or no need of a resin trap
  6. Less post curing as using faster resin systems is possible (energy savings)
  7. Accurate approximation of resin (needed for each serie and for all)
  8. Easier serial mixing of small resin batches minimizes stress to workforce, and possibility of exotherm events

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