Conference Basalt-2015 devoted to the development of Russian basalt industry was held in Moscow

Conference took place in Moscow on December 3, 2015 and was held by Basalt Projects Group of Companies. Participants of the event were heads of leading basalt industry companies in Russia, representatives of business and press.

Among the participants attended:

• Knyazev Mikhail Yuryevich, “Soyuzbasalt”
• Matveev Jevgeni Vladimirovich, “Rekstrom-K”
• Udivanov Aleksei Vladimirovich, “Russkii Basalt”
• Sablin Sergey Ivanovich, “ROSBITUM”
• Panteleev Aleksandr Vladimirovich, “Bazovajatehnologija”
• Novickii Aleksandr Gennadevich, “Mineral 7″
• Nikitin Andrei Vladislavovich,”Rekstrom-M”
• Aizenshtein Emil Mihailovich, “Avangard”
• Tkachenko Tatiana, Institute of Finance Business Development
• Orenbakh Semyon Borisovich, Central Research Institute Mashdetal, International Science and Technology Centre “Tekma”
• Korinko Artjom , “Special Economic ZonesLotos”
• Zitluhina Jevgenia, “Special Economic Zones Lotos”
• Suhin Mikhail Vladimirovich, FINPROMKO
• Uljanov Roman, TN Capital
• Khovanskih Alina Anatolevna, RIC for Development of Basalt Technologies

М. Ю. Князев, президент НП «Союзбазальт»
М. Ю. Князев, президент НП «Союзбазальт»

As the organizers planned, conference became a platform for active and constructive discussion. The scope of conference allowed to capture a wide range of questions, concerning present state and future of development of industry.

А. А. Хованских , НПЦ Базальтовых технологий
А. А. Хованских , НПЦ Базальтовых технологий

Conferees imparted experience, discussed actual problems of industry and advance of domestic basalt production to the foreign markets.

Е. В. Матвеев, генеральный директор ООО «Рекстром-К»
Е. В. Матвеев, генеральный директор ООО «Рекстром-К»

Informative presentations were made by Maksim Chernykh, Mikhail Knyazev, Evgeny Matveev, Alexander Novitsky, Tatyana Tkachenko, Alina Khovanskyh, Semyon Orenbakh and others. Speakers answered questions of attendees and the audience vividly supported communication – covered topics were interesting and didn’t leave indifferent.

С. Б. Оренбах, ОАО ЦНИИмашдеталь, директор ООО МНТЦ «Текма»
С. Б. Оренбах, ОАО ЦНИИмашдеталь, директор ООО МНТЦ «Текма»

The opening speech and representation of Basalt Projects Group of Companies was taken by the representative of organizers Maksim Anatolyevich Chernykh, CEO of JSC Basalt Projects, summing up conference during which he said that the conference will become annual.

Companies: Basalt Projects Group, Russian Basalt (Meltrock)

Countries: Russia

Persons: Maxim Chernykh

Industries: Finance & Investment, General society

Terms: Basalt fiber application, Capital, Composite materials

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