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Yakut Basalt Composite has won the Grand Prix in Dubai

Basalt Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rebar manufactured by the Yakut Center of Basalt Plastic Technologies has got the Gaia Awards prize and became one of the three winners in the “Innovation” category. The awarding ceremony was held within the international construction exhibition “The Big5 International Building & Construction Show in Dubai.”

According to Yegor Zhirkov, people’s deputy of the State Assembly, the Yakut product has not only won $ 50 thousand award but also attracted immense attention of attendees:


The United Arab Emirates don’t have manufacturing standards for such kind of products. China and Russia have the manufacturing standards. The judging criteria for the competitive selection were ecological properties and economic feasibility. Thus, our products have been recognized as environmentally friendly and promising in economic terms.

Russia has already implemented a number of projects based on Yakut products. AK “ALROSA” PAO applies them both as mine roof supports and in a stowing chamber, able to maintain a load of 40-ton trucks.
Regarding the prospects of basalt industry in the region: high-quality basalt deposits amounted 1-2 mln tons are confirmed in Yakutia for now, and the prognostic resources are estimated at 6-7 mln tons.

Премия Gaia. Источник: YAKUTIA.INFO

Премия Gaia. Источник: YAKUTIA.INFO

In addition to the Yakut Center of Basalt Plastic Technologies, Dubai Exhibition was attended by another industry representative from Russia, namely, “Galen” company from the Chuvash Republic.
Basalt plastic solutions from Cheboksary experts were exhibited within a collective exposition, organized by the Center for Export Support of the Chuvash Republic.

The Big5 International Exhibition is held under the auspices of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and is the largest in the world in its field.


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