Composites in construction industry have been discussed during “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” roundtable

In November 2015, the Roundtable was held in the media center of Russian government daily newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Construction executives and government officials discussed uses of the novel materials, such as an application of basalt composites in housing construction and related industries; they also shared an experience of their practical use.
Panel members stated that transition to the housing construction based on innovative materials will start if the cost of innovative materials gets lower than the cost of traditional ones. Similar requirements can be applied to the residential building renovation.

Dmitry Assonov, the Head of the Department of Architecture and Construction of Tomsk Region, provided an example of a renovation project for a five-story building in a city of Tomsk. Design solutions for this house include the use of external reinforcing on the basis of carbon composite tapes and composition grid used for the blind area.

In addition, the participants mentioned DSC “Grad” – the House Building Factory that uses basalt-based composite products instead of ordinary metal reinforcements. The experts are aware of basalt products advantages:

Reinforcements and flexible connections based on basalt fibers can serve 100 years without any loss of quality. At the same time the composite is 3 times stronger and 4 times lighter than steel; it is corrosion and alkali-resistant; it does not create a “thermal bridge”, allowing to increase the thermal efficiency of external walls by 35%.

However, when it comes to the competition with classic (metal) products, Valery Gurynovich, CEO of “Galen” mentioned: “We understand that lobbying capabilities of steel companies are much more powerful”.

Despite the difficulties, Russia is one of the main consumers of basalt fiber based materials. For instance, the above-mentioned company “Galen” along with DSC “Grad” are working on the implementation of four innovative products, including those connected with basalt composites.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Companies: Galen

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction

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