The city of Perm to start production of local raw material for basalt fiber

Perm University has presented the project of processing the local basalt rocks to be used in manufacturing continuous basalt fibers, comparable by quality to the ones produced from the import materials. The presentation was made within the II Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum, which was held in November 2015.

The project “Basalt technology” was presented within the mini-program “Battle of innovators” which was the part of the Forum. “Basalt technology” deals with processing basalt rocks mined in the area of Teplaya Mountain. Scientific studies have shown that continuous basalt fiber produced from this raw material is not inferior in quality to the fibers produced from the basalt rocks used to be imported from Ukraine.

The head of the region, Viktor Basargin, participated in the Forum. It is he who triggers the event for the second year in a row.

In addition to the exhibition devoted to the developments and achievements of Perm enterprises and research organizations, the Forum held several “Roundtables” and workshops, a battle of robots and a contest final “Hackathon. Open region”.

Source: Novyi Kompanion

Countries: Ukraine

Industries: General society

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