A Fast Curing Clear Adhesive for Plastics and Metals

A new product from Intertronics, L&L A-K015 provides clear bond lines in plastics assemblies, with a very fast fixture time of 3-4 minutes and robust, primerless adhesion.

Intertronics says it is especially valuable for bonding plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS or PPMA. An example application is point of sale displays or signs, where it gives an unobtrusive transparent bond, even when squeeze-out or witness of the joint is unavoidable.

According to Intertronics, A-K015 is a specialist two-component toughened methyl methacrylate adhesive which is suitable for bonding plastics or other materials, including most metals, thermoplastics and composite substrates. Developed originally for automotive assembly, A-K015 is designed to bring a wide range of industrial manufacturing situations the benefits of high strength, impact durable bonds which are resistant to weathering such as salt spray and QUV radiation. It is non-flammable and low odour for improved occupational health and safety consideration.


Companies: Intertronics

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