FiberSystems Helps OEMs Answer Performance, Life Cycle and Installation Questions

Despite a slump in the US composites industry Dayton, Ohio-based FiberSystems is seeing an uptick in activity.

FiberSystems explains, process improvements made earlier this year are contributing to market traction for the custom manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) corrosion resistant solutions like pipe and fittings. FiberSystems says it has also ramped up an aggressive Emergency Service Production (ESP) program for customers experiencing failure in the field with steel, metal alloy and PVC pipes and fittings.

“Turnaround time is shrinking for original equipment manufacturers who in turn are asking more of suppliers,” says T R Morton, CEO of FiberSystems. “These companies need a manufacturer that can provide high performance, cost effective parts in equally short timeframes – products that are designed to help reduce costs through longer life cycles and low maintenance. With internal operations becoming leaner and more efficient, companies are also looking for engineering expertise that can help them determine the best product for their application.”

“We’ve implemented quicker response times and we have a dedicated engineering staff that can solve the technical challenges industries are facing today,” Morton continues. “As a custom shop we have the capability to provide pipe, fittings, ductwork, containment systems and other components in uncommon diameters and material formulations.”

Typically commodity Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics pipe, a mass produced, off-the- shelf product, can offer shorter lead times. But criteria like resin type, liner thickness and structural thickness are fixed.  “We’re able to engineer custom pipe and fittings to a customer’s unique requirements for more reliable performance and lowest cost per year; and we’re able to do it quickly,” says Morton. “We can build a custom job on Friday and turn it around in 48 hours.”

According to FiberSystems, its custom products are also demonstrating their ability to outperform PVC pipe. “PVC is vulnerable to impact, though it can serve as a good liner for FRP pipe that is armored,” notes Morton. In addition to replacing metal and PVC pipe systems, FiberSystems can repair, upgrade, replace or refurbish older FRP composite systems. “Ninety-five percent of all FRP pipe failures can be traced to performance standards that were rated only to the pipe support or pipe hangers,” Morton explains. “Instead pipe failure should be rated on how the system is engineered and installed. Our field service and installation work is growing because we’re getting the jobs no one else can do.”

FiberSystems leads the industry as a custom manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic composite parts in a wide range of sizes for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments. With nearly 70 years of fabrication and engineering expertise, FiberSystems combines specialised resins knowledge, innovative design and materials and manufacturing technology to support a diverse product lineup that includes pipe, fittings, ductwork, containment systems, tanks, pipe supports and items like pultruded structural shapes, flooring systems, grating and coatings.


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