EOS Enters a Three-year Technical Partnership with Williams

EOS has entered a three-year technical partnership with Williams Grand Prix Engineering and Williams Advanced Engineering.

EOS says, the partnership aims at providing Williams with direct and high level insights into the latest Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies offered by EOS to complement their existing manufacturing processes and to support their own AM development project. At the same time, both companies will jointly demonstrate AM within the world of Formula One.

Williams already owns two polymer EOS systems. As its standard production materials, the company says it uses Alumide and Carbonmide from EOS. Alumide predominantly creates stable parts for functional testing, ranging from engine ancillaries and complete gearbox assemblies for mock-ups to jigs and fixtures for laminate production. Carbonmide at Williams is used for production parts on Formula One cars in conjunction with carbon composite laminates where improved strength is required.

As part of the current agreement, Williams has just installed an EOSINT P 760, a highly productive, modular plastic AM system with a large building volume of 700 mm x 380 mm x 580 mm that offers expanded productivity and increased part sizes when manufacturing polymer parts.

Stuart Jackson, Regional Manager at EOS for the UK adds, “The partnership will allow EOS and Williams to jointly expose selected customers to the world of Formula One with the aim of illustrating the use of AM in this technically advanced industry. Through its Williams Advanced Engineering business, Williams provides technical innovation that transfers Formula One technology solutions focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency to mainstream industries such as automotive, motorsport, transport, energy and other sectors. As such, the partnership is a perfect fit for us as we truly believe that all parties involved will benefit highly from this interchange of ideas.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Brian Campbell, Production Manager, Composites and ADM at Williams, adds, “At its core, Williams is a racing team but has many facets to its business in which opportunities for AM applications reside. EOS can help us to turn these opportunities into performance. This partnership also holds a lot of synergies, as both companies are family-owned and independent, at the same time driven by guiding principles such as innovation, teamwork and excellence.”


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