Concrete Cylinders Confined with Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer

Concrete columns have an important function in many structures and can be vulnerable to exceptional loads. In older structures, columns often have a lack of transverse reinforcement, which is unable to provide sufficient confinement to the concrete core or to prevent buckling of the longitudinal reinforcement which causes premature strength degradation of the column.

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This paper presents a test program that was done on concrete cylinders confined with basalt fibre reinforced polymer (BFRP) and examination of its tensile strength. The test results show that the strength enhancement of the concrete cylinders consists of more ductile behaviour.

Eythor Thorhallsson M.Sc Associated Professor Reykjavik University, Stefan Kubens Ph.D Research Scientist. Reykjavik University/ICI Rheocenter, Arngrimur Konradsson M.Sc student Reykjavik, University.

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Companies: Reykjavik University

Countries: Iceland

Industries: Construction, Oil & Gas

Terms: Cylinders

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