The Perm Krai (Russia) launches the production of stream feeder assemblies

Since December of 2015 Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant (Perm Krai) has been producing a new type of products, namely, stream feeder assemblies for manufacturing super-thin basalt fiber (STBF).

The plant has already manufactured more than 60 pieces for the Turkmen construction company Devlet Gurlushik. Last year in November, the samples of stream feeder assemblies passed the test at the PJSC Tizol enterprise (Sverdlovsk region, a city of Tura).

Stream feeders were successfully tested; as December 2015 saw these samples of Krasnokamsk Plant were still being used for the manufacturing of super-thin basalt fiber, the fact that means surpassing by almost half the average lifespan compared to the counterparts.

To create stream feeder assembly, the specialists of Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant used their own production technology, based on unique alloy steel, ironed surface, and application of modern equipment.


Companies: Tizol

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction

Terms: bushing assembly, stream feeders

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