Technology park of Moscow composite cluster to be established in Moscow

The technology park is planned to be set up on the basis of Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy in collaboration with Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The decision to establish a technology park of the composite cluster was made according to the project of composite industry development in Moscow for 2016 – 2020.

The initiators of the cluster are the leading players in the Moscow composite market. Anatoly Alexandrov, the rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, became the Chair of the Board.

At the present time, the cluster includes more than 60 Moscow organizations, among them those engaged in producing the raw materials, final products, technological equipment, and also the service enterprises. According to Oleg Ryndin, the Deputy Director of the urban development policy department: “We are planning to increase the volumes of composite materials production and consumption on the territory of Moscow, to establish the new production facilities and to modernize the old ones, to create new job places”.

Due to such properties as strength, durability, corrosion resistance, composite materials are widely used throughout the world. The United States, the countries of European Union, Japan, and China enjoy a persistent superiority in the composites market.  However, the Western entrepreneurs do not care about high development cost for the novel composites. They know that the investment will be outweighed by increasing the working life of the structures.

However, the polymer composite consumption in Russia comprises only about 0.5—2% of the world volume and we can blame both the imperfection of the regulatory framework and structure design standards, dependence on imported quality raw materials and high-tech equipment. The skilled personnel for designing, manufacturing and servicing are also scarce.

As a result, demand for composite consumption is stimulated only by administrative methods. It is only possible to improve the situation by complete scientific and industrial restructuring and consolidating the efforts of all the interested participants.

In the meantime, the capital’s government has decided to subsidize the market players ready to implement innovative materials, including composites. The expert committee on innovation technologies and technical solutions is headed by Oleg Ryndin.


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