Naish rolled out a kiteboard with double-layer basalt fiber

The 2016 Naish Monarch kiteboard is designed to ensure unique durability, lightweight and flex characteristics due to the basalt fiber in the board construction.

Carrying out expert evaluations and updating business plans and feasibility studies of investment projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber, staple fiber and basalt composite products.

The new design solution provides incredible strength-to-weight ratio and uniquely responsive flex, decreasing chances of distortion under the extreme loads of hard landings.

Модель кайтборда Monarch.
Модель кайтборда Monarch. Источник:

Moreover, the new model is ideal for medium-to-high speed riding, it perfectly responds to the rider’s movements, provides reasonable stiffness for gliding on the water surface and possesses good damping characteristics.

Naish – is not the only brand offering basalt fiber reinforced boards to the kitesurfers. Cabrinha, for instance, has introduced its own kiteboard line, including Twin Tip, where a wood core is combined with basalt fiber laminate. According to the Cabrinha designers, such kind of construction provides new models with a unique flex characteristic.

Кайтборд бренда Cabrinha.
Кайтборд бренда Cabrinha. Источник:

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