Turkmenistan starts production of basalt composites

Turkmenbashi Nonmetallic and Construction Materials Industrial Complex is planning to produce composite materials based on basalt fiber to be manufactured in the town of Turkmenbashi.

Several years ago, Turkmenistan began to develop the local basalt deposits, namely, basaltic porphyries of Ufrinsky fields which are located in the Balkan Region.

According to, in-plant tests have confirmed the high quality of Turkmen raw material, and the technological parameters have been adjusted with the help of Russian experts. These aspects made it possible to produce the basalt fiber of high quality along with high production performance.

Industrial output of basalt fiber was launched in the administrative center of the region, that is, in the town of Turkmenbashi at the local Nonmetallic and Construction Materials Industrial Complex. Innovative production facilities enable the Industrial Complex to arrange the manufacture of basalt fiber based composites.

Turkmenistan counts on this project development because the production of basalt fiber and basalt fiber based composites is able to substitute import supplies of thermal insulation materials and to save currency resources.

In addition, new jobs attract human resources. This process ultimately leads to higher social and living conditions of the population.


Countries: Turkmenistan

Industries: Construction

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