New Carbon Fibre Bonding Applications from Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive Systems has introduced customised structural bonding solutions for weight reduction in motorsports vehicles.

Dow explains that, among those manufacturers using specially formulated adhesive solutions based on BETAFORCE composite bonding adhesives are Audi for the new R8 and Lamborghini on the Huracan.

Dow says that its BETAFORCE composite bonding adhesives are designed to support hybrid constructions such as lightweight solutions. Multi-material vehicles are one of the most promising approaches to reach weight reduction without compromising on other priorities such as safety or comfort. Composites from carbon fibres are now seeing a growing share in the material mix, and Audi and sister brand Lamborghini are utilising carbon fibre and bonding of structural parts including pillars or tunnels with coated aluminum.

According to Dow, structural adhesives, besides weight reduction, also provide processing benefits, making them beneficial from a production point of view. Among the production advantages are the pre-treatment-free joining of carbon fibre, optimised open times and very balanced mechanical properties regarding optimal stiffness and driving properties.

Dow adds that the decision to apply adhesive solutions was made after comprehensive trials, which demonstrated that these materials are well designed to meetAudi and Lamborghini’s requirements. The ability to tailor the adhesive’s properties exactly to the needs of both manufacturers was also an important consideration. Adhesive solutions from the company are thus being reviewed for application in other models at Audi and Lamborghini.

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