Exel Composites Wins JEC World 2016 Innovation Award

Exel Composites has won the JEC World 2016 Innovation Award in the Infrastructures category for its frangible carbon composite glide path tower (GP tower) for instrumental landing system.

Exel explains that is products have been installed for over 15 years at more than 600 airports worldwide. The company’s latest innovation, a glide path tower made from carbon fibre, offers extreme stability compared to traditional towers made from glass fibre. Glide path towers are part of the instrument landing system ensuring safe landing approaches for airplanes.

As glide path towers are located at the end or next to the runway, Exel says that they must be frangible i.e. breakable upon impact to minimise damage and maximise safety in the event of a runway collision. It’s masts are fully compliant with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) frangibility requirements. Simultaneously, as the masts are exposed to high wind gusts, the structure must be extremely stable. Exel Composites’ claims its expertise in manufacturing thin wall tube constructions coupled with know-how in carbon fibre has resulted in a state-of-the-art GP tower ensuring the highest stability. Moreover, the towers are maintenance-free and quick and easy to set up thanks to their light weight.

“We are very proud and pleased about getting such great recognition for our work from JEC, the largest composites industry organisation in the world,” says Mr Kari Loukola, SVP Sales and Marketing at Exel Composites. “We will continue to work hard to excel through unique and innovative applications also in the future.”


Companies: Exel Composites

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