Pinette PEI Unveils Successful Completion of a Complete Turnkey Plan

Often considered only as a hydraulic press and production lines manufacturer, Pinette PEI has demonstrated its evolution and the scope of its expertise as a general contractor through the delivery of a turnkey forming plant in Asia for a Western customer.

According to Pinette PEI, this €15 million project was designed, constructed and commissioned in 24 months, involving more than 400 people. It includes the rough delivery of 100 machines: multi tonnage hot forming presses with temperature control, automated tool loading and unloading, automated loading and unloading manipulators. Pinette PEI also ensured full automation and control systems. As a general contractor, Pinette PEI was in charge of the overall project management including engineering & design, supply chain management, construction and commissioning.

The project represented a challenge due to the large scope of knowledge required, the distance, the delay and its multi-cultural facet. Despite these risks, it was a complete success and according to Mr Hubert, CEO of Pinette PEI, “Our single-source approach, sharp methods and processes enabled us to deliver the complete turnkey plant on time while meeting with the highest standards in Safety and Quality.”

The completion of this first turnkey plant has been rewarding and extended the expertise of the company that wants to continue along this path. Pinette PEI ensures that it already has new projects of turnkey plants on the pipe.


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