Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of Flexural Strengthening of Beam Using Basalt Fiber

Worldwide, a great deal of research is currently being conducted concerning the use of fiber reinforced plastic wraps, laminates and sheets in the repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete members. Basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) application is very effective ways to repair and strengthen structures that have become structurally weak over their life of the span.

BFRP Repair systems provide an economically viable alternative to traditional repair systems and materials. Experimental investigations o the cube, cylinder & flexural RC beams strengthened using basalt fiber unidirectional cloth is carried out. Externally reinforced concrete beams with epoxy bonded cloth were tested to failure using a symmetrical one point concentrated static loading system. Seven beams weak in flexure were casted, out of which one is controlled beam and other beams were strengthened using basalt unidirectional cloth in flexure.

The strengthening of the beam is done with different amount and configuration of BFRP cloth. Experimental data on load, deflection and failure modes of each of the beams were obtained. The detail procedure and application of BFRP cloth for strengthening of RC beams is also included. The effect of number of BFRP layers and its orientation on ultimate load carrying capacity and failure mode of the beams are investigated.

R Singaravadivelan, N Sakthieswaren and Dr.K.L Muthuramu
International Conference on Automotive, Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ICAMME’2012) Penang (Malaysia)

Industries: Automotive, General society

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