UTC Aerospace Systems established the Materials Engineering Center of Excellence at the University of Connecticut

The Centre will provide opportunities for the students to work in the new lab alongside UTC Aerospace Systems engineers and scientists in the areas of additive manufacturing (3D printing), high-temperature composites, thermoplastics and other advanced materials, reported UTC Aerospace Systems.

The technological breakthroughs of the future are associated with composites by many, and it is the generation of today’s students who are faced to develop this area. The initiative of UTC Aerospace Systems makes it possible to bring together the theoretical part of the training process with practical one, to develop novel composites and technologies for the aerospace and defense sectors together with engineers and researchers of the company  in a new state-of-the-art Materials and Process Engineering laboratory.

Lab capabilities include additive manufacturing (“3D printing”) to build metal and plastic engineering development parts, as well as high-temperature composites. These composites are used for aircraft brakes and nanomaterials to develop light-weight metal matrix and polymer composites for a variety of applications across UTC Aerospace Systems.

The Materials Engineering Center of Excellence raised funding in the amount of $1 million, but the Materials and Process Engineering laboratory funding reached $8 million.

Russia is also engaged in the training of experts for the composite industry. For example, the SPC Center for Basalt Technologies conducts training for students and professionals.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Aerospace

Terms: Composite materials

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