The conference SAMPE Europe 2016 to be held in Liège (Belgium) from 13 – 15 September

The program consists of a broad range of lectures in the advanced materials application fields on mainly composites, light metals and hybrids. The main markets covered are aerospace, automotive, wind and solar energy, architecture and constructions.

Companies involved are presenting their skills in the exhibition area. A visit to Composite-oriented companies and adjacent R & D Centres and a Network Dinner are part of the program. A Students Conference and a Pre-Conference Tutorial Program will be held in addition.SAMPE Europe seeks

SAMPE Europe seeks high quality technical papers that focus on advanced materials and processes, research, development, and applications for this Liège Conference.

To take advantage of this opportunity, submit a 100-200 words Abstract by April 01, 2016. Upon acceptance of the abstract, a Technical Paper is due by June 01, 2016. On request, the organization committee can extend the deadline for submitting the abstract.

Location is the Palais des Congrès in Liege.

Companies: SAMPE

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, General society

Terms: Composite materials

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