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Basalt.Today online edition offers a possibility to free publish scientific articles on relevant topics related to manufacturing technologies, application and research in the field of basalt fibers and basalt fiber reinforced composites.

We offer you a free of charge opportunity to post articles, reports, research papers, academic degree papers, experimental tests reports etc.

All the publications are freely available; this enables the author to assert her or himself and to present the research findings to the wide range of scientists and stakeholders from the rapidly growing industry of fiber reinforced composites.

In order to post a scientific paper, just fill out the form on the site page. If any, it is recommended to deliver a proper Russian translation of the information about the author, a title of the research, summary, key words and phrases or entire text, as it increases the visibility of the scientific paper for Russian-speaking users.

We also recommend you to carefully make a summary, because it should cover the essence of the paper, the value of the research and key findings in a brief but accurate way. The recommended number of characters is 900, including spaces.

Subscription to Basalt.Today news makes it possible to stay tuned for current events in the industry of basalt fibers and basalt fiber reinforced composites as well as the latest scientific research in composite industry.

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