Tecnatom Signs to New Contracts for its Inspection Systems

Tecnatom has signed contracts with Songwol and Finmeccanica-alenia for its inspection systems.

According to Tecnatom, Songwol will receive a system based on two robots, the fifth one implemented by Tecnatom in China, whilst Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi have signed a new contract for supplying an automated ultrasonic inspection system and comprising a robot mounted on a linear rail.

Tecnatom Aerospace explains that it is developing a new inspection system to the manufacturer Songwol in South Korea. In addition, in recent weeks it has signed a contract with Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi, for which it has been awarded the supply of an automated inspection system based on ultrasound, comprising a robot mounted on a linear rail, allowing the application of pulse-echo techniques, using phased array technology for the detection and characterisation of potential flaws in aircraft parts. The versatility of this robot-based configuration will make it possible to scan complex geometries with high levels of productivity.

Tecnatom says that South Korea is one of its most active customers in providing inspection systems, as five systems are currently implemented in this Asian country. For Songwol, a system is being developed for the inspection of major components made of composites. This system stands out especially for its versatility, since it allows the control of parts by means of dual Through-Transmission (TTU) or Pulse-Echo (PE) ultrasonic techniques, depending on the structure of the component. For this purpose it is equipped with a mechanical solution based on two robots, which can work collaboratively for the inspection of major parts using TTU technique or independently, in two separate work areas, for the control of parts by means of the PE technique.

Tecnatom explains that it designed this system applying the most innovative in-house technology in order to double its working capacity, since it allows for the simultaneous inspection of two parts located in two different inspection areas.


Companies: Tecnatom

Countries: China, South Korea

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