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Solutions for fiber-reinforced composites at JEC World 2016

CompositesWorld online-edition looked into the products and technologies presented at the JEC World 2016 trade show, which was held in Paris March 8-10. Among the hundreds of exhibits, solutions for composites based on continuous fibers were widely presented. Here are just some of them.

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German company Bond-Laminates from Cologne exhibited new applications for its Tepex range of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites. In particular, the company presented hybrid molding, which combines forming of semi-finished products with injection molding. In hybrid molding, semi-finished composites are both formed and overmolded in an automated one-shot process in the injection mold, thus shortening the time of production process and the cost. Cycle times take 60 seconds and less, as company representative says.

Automated cutting table specialist Zünd from Switzerland featured the G3 M-1600 with a cutting area of 1,330 by 1,600 mm. The cut parts are automatically stacked and can be removed any time without any interruptions to the production process. The automated cutting table can handle various materials, including basalt fiber reinforced composites. Special unit the Power Rotary Tool (PRT) protects against electrically charged or abrasive dust particles.

Automated cutting table specialist Zünd. Source: CompositesWorld.
Automated cutting table specialist Zünd. Source: CompositesWorld.

CGTech from US and UK demonstrated VERICUT Composite Paths for Engineering (VCPe), VERICUT Composite Programming (VCP) & VERICUT Composite Simulation (VCS).

VERICUT is CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software that enables users to eliminate the process of manually proving-out NC programs. VERICUT runs standalone, but can also be integrated with leading CAD/CAM/PLM systems, including Dassault Systemes CATIA, Siemens PLM NX CAM, Delcam PowerMill, Vero EdgeCAM, Open Mind hyperMILL, DP Esprit and Missler TopSolidCAM.

Screenshot of VERICUT. Source: CompositesWorld.
Screenshot of VERICUT. Source: CompositesWorld.

Chomarat from France unveiled its new sleeve made of glass fiber reinforcement ROVICUT, which stretches to hug the curves of pipes and conduits that need to be rehabilitated, without sacrificing mechanical performance. Because it is stretchable, ROVICUT takes the exact shape of the worn pipes, increasing the mechanical performance without adding too much thickness to the pipe interior.

American Dow Chemical presented its latest high-performance polyurethane and epoxy composite systems, including basalt fiber reinforced. VORAFORCE products offer low-VOC emissions and are available for HP-RTM, filament winding, infusion, LFI, pultrusion, hand layup, reinforced RIM, spray preg and structural RIM processes.

More information about these and other novelties of composite industry can be found on the official website of the JEC World 2016 trade show.

Companies: JEC Group, Siemens, Zünd Systemtechnik AG

Countries: France

Industries: Oil & Gas

Technologies: Filament Winding, Pultrusion

Terms: Composite materials, Pipes

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