Polymer Cluster has been created in Irkutsk Oblast (Russia)

The Cluster brought together small and medium businesses engaged in the production of polymer products. The Polymer Cluster was founded in December 2015 but now it comprises ten companies from Angarsk and four companies from Sayansk.

The tasks of this association include establishing import-substituting production, and, as we know, the problem of substituting imported polymer components is one of the most important in composite production that involves basalt fiber based composites.

According to Anton Vasilyev, the Head of the Centre: “In addition to the infrastructure in the form of technology parks and industrial parks, the residents of the Cluster can count on tax incentives, subsidizing costs, obtaining legal services and conducting training programs, seminars, as well as a set of measures to support the implementation of investment projects”.

The work has just started, former competitors are getting used to the new conditions in the marketplace, a necessity to trust each other and to find compromises. After all, “a cluster is primarily a communication platform,” – said Vasilyev.

In 2016, Irkutsk Oblast plans to establish another cluster, among the submitted applications there is an offer from companies producing construction materials.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, Finance & Investment

Terms: Investment, Polymer cluster

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