Draft professional standards in the field of composites have been released in Russia

Drafts of educational standards for the specialists in the field of composite materials, structures and products have been developed by the experts of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials “VIAM” for the following professions:

  • Mill operator of rubber compound
  • Fiberglass machine operator
  • Impregnating-machine operator
  • Thermoplastics processing engineer
  • CFRP prepregs processing engineer
  • Researcher on structural and analytical studies of polymer composite materials.

The discussion of the drafts with potential employers of the above-mentioned professionals, and also with trade unions, governments of all levels and other stakeholders will last until the end of April 2016. Their comments and suggestions are scheduled to be collected and analyzed in May and June. By this summer’s end, the drafts should be introduced to the Russian Ministry of Labour where the documents are to be finalized on the basis of comments made by industry experts.

When drafting the standards, long-term requirements of the economy developing in terms of innovations, and the current situation in the industry have been taken into account.

Countries: Russia

Industries: General society

Terms: Composite materials, Professional standards

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