U.S. Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Institute to raise $325 mln

The Obama administration announced the creation of the eighth Manufacturing Innovation Institute, which has become the hub of Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles.

The new hub will be hosted in Cambridge, it will combine over $75 million of Federal resources with nearly $250 million of non-Federal investment in innovative fabrics and textiles with novel properties ranging from being incredibly lightweight and flame resistant, to having exceptional strength and containing electronic sensors.

“With wide-ranging applications, these technical textiles can forge protective gear for firefighters impervious to the hottest flames, replicate the sensing capabilities of a smart watch into a lightweight fabric, or detect when a wounded soldier needs to be treated with an antimicrobial compression bandage”, – reported

The Obama administration has consistently pursued a policy of supporting innovation in the country, with the aim to fill the gaps between the stages of product research, development, and implementation and to ensure US leadership in the most challenging areas of science and technology.

Almost $2,5 bln. in 2016 budget is allocated for the development and implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies. Manufacturing Innovation Institutes combine corporations, universities, and federal agencies working together on the key technologies capable of attracting investments and revitalize the manufacture on the U.S. territory.

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