Thermhex Waben and Fraundhofer Institut Für Werkstoffmechanik (IMWS) Work Together on Organosandwich Project

Thermhex and IMWS are working together on EU funded project “Organosandwich” which aims to develop the technological principles for mass production of complex thermoplastic, fibre reinforced components with integrated honeycomb core.

Thermhex explains that continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites, such as cross-plys from 2 UD-Tapes in 0/90 or textiles can be laminated in-line during its continuous production process. The result is a new type of semi-finished product: the Organosandwich. The name Organosandwich derives from the term Organosheet. Thanks to the integration of the lamination process of organosheets onto the honeycomb core within the production line, it is possible to produce cost efficient organosandwich as semi-finished products in mass production.

According to the Thermhex, processing an organosandwich is similar to processing organosheets. A local ribbing of the component to increase the bending stiffness is not necessary. The stabilisation is given through the honeycomb structure of the core material. During the deformation process of the organosandwich semi-finished product into component parts, low cycle times are possible due to the lower heat capacity.

Thermhex adds that at the same time in complex shaped component areas, the honeycomb core is fused down in a thin plastic layer, meanwhile in large, flat or slightly curved component areas the thickness of the honeycomb core and with it the big moment of inertia is preserved. In this way it is possible to produce small thicknesses of organo sheets combining stiffness, lightweight and cost efficiency.


Companies: Thermhex

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