Experience Composites 2016 to take place in the city of Augsburg late September

In addition to a static display and a thematic conference, the Experience Composites  2016 enables the attendees to visit research laboratories and companies developing composite materials and using them as a raw material in their own production process.

A training programme is also scheduled to run during the exhibition.  With the aim of reaching all aspects of the composite industry, a new event format using the multi-location concept has been introduced.

Professor Michael Kupke, the head of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) said: “The event will further consolidate the transparency of what we do here at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), and the innovative multi-location concept makes this possible for other regional players too”.

According to the event initiators, the showcase enables the attendees to observe the entire composite production chain, starting from raw materials manufacture and finishing with finished products output. The format of a trade fair will give the chance not only to see the innovations displayed on the stands but also to find business partners among the participants and attendees.

The Carbon Composites Association (CCeV) that is one of the largest networks in the lightweight construction industry and the JEC Group that is an international organization well-known in the industry for such events as JEC World, JEC Asia and others became the organizers of the trade fair. The event will take place in Messe Augsburg – is the third largest exhibition place in Bavaria.

Companies: Experience Composites, JEC Group

Industries: Aerospace, Construction, General society

Terms: Composite materials

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