Karelia (Russia) presented the investment project on the manufacture of CBF and geogrids

During the meeting of the working group dealing with attracting investments to the Karelia economy, the founder of the Trading House “Anteko” has presented the project «Organizing the production of continuous basalt fiber (roving) and road geotextile grids”.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia held a meeting of the working group. During this meeting, four projects were offered and recognized as important for the region development.

One of those was the proposal of Sergei Chekmasov, the founder of Trading House “Anteko”. According to Chekmasov, production of continuous basalt fiber and road geotextile grids is of great importance for the Karelia development.

Currently, basalt fiber is used in various sectors of the economy; this environmentally friendly material has taken a worthy place in the road construction and not only.

The first stage of the project has been estimated at 500 mln, its implementation is able to create about 70 jobs. The remaining issue to solve is the allocation of 2 hectares of land for the production facilities.

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