Exova Tests Robot Bike’s New Design for the Future of Cycling

Exova recently provided testing services on the carbon fibre tubing of Robot Bike’s R160 customised bike frame.

Exova says it performed mechanical testing including tensile, compression and shear testing, and physical testing including fibre volume and void content, on composite coupons from the frame’s material. The frame itself is made using the latest in additive manufacturing technology, or 3D printing, and all bikes are bespoke with frame specifications unique to each customer.

According to Exova, Robot Bike uses a unique construction technique allowing design freedom, and it has worked at the cutting edge of simulation, test and analysis to validate the frame performance.

Chris Martin, Commercial Engineer at Exova Aerospace Europe, said, “Robot Bike is doing amazing work in bike design and engineering and its overall concept is extremely innovative. We were contracted to carry out the work on a tight timescale of approximately seven days, and although the composite materials Robot Bike is using are unique, we fortunately have strong capabilities in this area and had the capacity to turn it around quickly.

“Robot Bike was working quickly to get the bike on the road and it was rewarding to see the product come to market so quickly after our involvement. Exova is focused on providing highly technical services and collaborating on projects like this ensures we stay at the forefront of new advancements.”


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