Russian polymer cluster Altai Polikompozit increased its turnover

Established on the base of the Biysk business incubator, the polymer and composite materials cluster Altai Polikompozit released 36 types of new products in 2015. The volume of production reached 1.73 billion rubles, which is 15% higher than in 2014.

The association’s product range includes more than 500 types of products. The initiative group plans to expand the range to a thousand types by 2020. In addition to their own resources, cluster members attract developmental resources under federal and provincial programs. Thus, almost 26 mln. rubles were raised based on the results of a competition arranged by the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation.

In addition to the production, Altaykompozit is developing its own programs of training and retraining personnel for the composite industry. So, they are planning to launch the retraining course on design and manufacture of composite products together with Kaluga Cluster of Aerospace Technology, Composite Materials and Structures.

As of April 2016, Altai Polikompozit comprises 17 enterprises, mostly representing small and medium business.


Companies: Altai Polikompozit

Industries: Aerospace

Terms: Composite materials, polymer cluster

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