Russian lady in a team of UCLA has won the Composites in Architecture Design Challenge

Anna Kudashkina from Russia and all the team of University of California (UCLA) have won the first place in the student Composites in Architecture Design Challenge organized by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA).

Winning projects were displayed at ACMA’s Composites Pavilion at the American Institute of Architects 2016 Convention (АІА) in the city of Philadelphia on May 19-21. For the first time ever, ACMA hosted its student Composites in Architecture Design Challenge although Composites Pavilion has been held for the third time.

The Russian lady in the team of UCLA has won the Composites in Architecture Design Challenge
Source: Сomposites Manufacturing

The jury awarded “Undulating Gills” project the first place. This project was created by architecture students Anna Kudashkina, Yifan Wu, Yuekan Yu, Shahr Razi, Simi Shenoy, and Marcelo Marcos under the direction of  SUPRASTUDIO lecturer Julia Koerner.

Anna Kudashkina a native of Omsk is fond of architecture and got a Master of Science degree in architectural design from the Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy (SibADI). Participated in a training program and undertaken internship in Germany and the US, she is now a student of Greg Lynn’s SUPRASTUDIO.

The task assigned by ACMA was to create an architectural element or structure from composite materials. Young architects from the UCLA team presented 3D composite fiberglass mega-panels, fabricated without a mold while integrating robotic technology. Series of curved panels are arranged to allow for lighting control on a facade.

The second and third places went to Temple University team and the Georgia Institute of Technology respectively, these projects also demonstrated a wide range of new production methods for composite architectural elements.

Please, find more information on «Undulating Gills» project in the attached PDF-file (Eng.).

Companies: ACMA

Countries: Georgia, Germany, Russia

Terms: Composite materials

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