Moscow is developing a self-healing composites technology

This technology offers a solution for healing polymer microcracks, such as either fiber delamination from the matrix or damage of surface layer. According to the scientists, the self-healing technology will help to repair the operational damage that cannot be restored in an ordinary way.

The specialists engaged in this project are from the MIC Composites Russia Composites Russia of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. They use an intrinsic self-healing approach that differs from existing extrinsic approaches in that it doesn’t need to introduce microcapsules with healing agents into the polycomposite.

Instead, the MIC Composites Russia resorted to reversible chemical reactions that can form and break the chemical bonds in specific conditions. Then, instead of “one-time” reduction with an additional agent, the material can be repeatedly reduced by itself.

The scientists are exploring the use of self-healing binders for the needs of aerospace and shipbuilding.

MIC Composites Russia is an engineering center with “closed-cycle” services, working closely with representatives of Russian composite industry.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Aerospace, Marine Transportation and Shipbuilding

Terms: Composite materials

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