Soyuzbasalt participated in the Forum for Strategic Initiatives

This major event became a place to summarize five-year activity of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and shape the vision for Russia’s social and economic development up to 2035.

On July 21-24th, the heavy topical Forum program was attended by the representatives of federal and regional authorities, development institutions, business and academic circles who met to discuss challenges of the era and the national strategy until 2035.

The Forum brought together about seven thousand participants, including lots of composite industry professionals. Some of them presented their technological solutions and products at the exhibition organized in a pavilion of VDNH (Exhibition Center) that hosted the main events.

3D-printer from Anisoprint

This photo features 3D-printer from Anisoprint, which uses a high-strength composite material – fiber-reinforced plastic. In July 2016, this development won a competition “the best technology for the industrial sector”, which was held during a conference Digital Technology of Industrial Russia (CIPR).

Composite materials are one of the most rapidly developing and promising global areas of innovation in science and industry, and potential capacity of basalt fiber is only beginning to unfold itself.

The key factors for successful industry development and holding leading marketplace positions involve training the highly qualified personnel on the basis of talented young people and expanding opportunities for the youth.

Thus, the Forum paid special attention to professional educational programs. A number of workshops and seminars focused on the best practices of learning and successful professional development, including the technology field.

During the plenary session, the participants widely discussed an issue “Russia on the global map in 2035. New technological era challenges”. A dynamic discussion of the topical issues captured subsequently several parallel events.

Roman Nezovibatko, Director of the Union of Basalt Industry “Soyuzbasalt”

Among the most interesting topics discussed at the Forum was “New technologies and new markets”. The panelists described their understanding of the national technology initiative, their vision of an expert mode of operation, and the development of systems to support innovative projects.

Roman Nezovibatko, Director of the Union of Basalt Industry “Soyuzbasalt”, who represented the organization at the event, said:

The ideas and strategies expressed during the Forum will shape the basis for the new conceptual approach to basalt industry development. We should focus on intersectoral collaboration and respond to technological era challenges.

Soyuzbasalt is a union of enterprises operating in basalt industry. It was established at the initiative of Basalt Project in order to bring together manufacturers, developers and suppliers, and also public and financial institutions with the purpose to combine efforts in developing the domestic market for basalt technologies.

Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) is an organization established at the initiative of the Russian government in order to promote social and professional mobility of young professionals and teams in the field of medium-sized businesses and the social sector, including support of socially significant projects and initiatives.

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